Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I feel my fitness ebbing. Where the hecky hey did I get the time to endurance-up in the past month? All of a sudden time seems scarce. And I have a lack of arsed-ness I am looking for something to perk me up.
Adventure racing friend had a fine time last weekend in the Lakes, which sounded good. There's something going on in Cardiff. There's Dusk til Dawn. That's a bit soon though and I have this weekend bagged by Cycletta and Oktoberfest a few weeks later. Perhaps I need to settle down a bit.

Then there's Strathpuffer- the 24 hours of Scottish Snow-Hell. I like night riding, I don't like it too warm, I am well hard me. I'm not too hot on mud mind. Well not for 24 hours anyway.

Or then again I could just keep myself up for 2 straight days on the turbo in the dark in wet smelly clothes, eating jelly beans and drinking strong coffee whilst smashing bike parts with a hammer.

Oh well, let's get the Cycletta done, try and get in with some fast ladies, hang on and give it some beans on the hill. I need to get there from Brizzle in time first though. Speaking of sleep deprivation and orienteering.
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