Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I Hurt My Face

The problem is this. There I was, all going quickly and beating the other girls in my category and all of that, generally feeling like I was a bit fit and wasn't this nice. Even up hill. When bosh. Face-plant at the side of the track, bleeding nose, bashed mouth, waiting for paramedics with 100 riders zooming past yelling "Are you alright?". Well- to all of those people- No, actually. But thanks for asking.
Especial thanks to the gentleman who allowed my to bleed onto his glove for the best part of half an hour, whilst saying kind things. How gentlemanly in fact was that? Offering a lady his glove (to staunch a nosebleed). V Jane Austen.

I now have a Met Parachute, ordered on Wiggle a mere day later. I will look like a knob with a full-face, albeit very light XC full-face helmet. But hopefully my teeth will stay intact, which they nearly didn't (one kindof shifted in, which is ick), and my nose will stay straightand not incur any (more) scarring.

I still like Mountain Biking more than the road mind you. At least I didn't come off and get run over by a lorry, having left all my skin and lycra as a paste on the road.

Hey-ho. Perhaps soon I will stop feeling like I have been kicked by a horse.

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