Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Had what promised to be a lovely ride on Monday. Heart Rate Monitor on and faffed with. Garmin on (more faff). Clothes carefully chosen. Tyres the right pressure (apparently). I wanted to do a faster Zone-Whatsit ride on the flat, Cycletta distance. There I was, keeping my heart rate nice and up, pedalling for all I was worth, oodles quicker than my go-all-day-but-really-slowly standard. I was feeling well pleased with myself and looking forward to seeing a blistering average speed and geekily looking at all the zone stuff when 4 miles from home I felt the need to stand on my pedals to stretch my legs out. It didn't help and I soldiered on womanfully (braver than manfully, but on the verge of tears) until a mile or so away I had to actually get off my bike and limp for a bit, then more or less scoot home in agony.
After some prolonged stretching it was clear that this was not some horrible injury but cramp. This sounds all very nothing much, but blinking flip, I couldn't walk up or down the stairs and had to go on all fours. Husband gets cramp regularly and I had always thought he was a bit of a girl about it. I shall never, never, never take this line again.

I am going to have to try the whole going faster business again with the whole Cycletta thing coming up, but I guess I will be swigging the old electrolyte drinks like billy-o. (Is that actually how you spell billy-o? Oddly enough I have never seen it written.)

On the plus side I have a new go-faster head tune. I think of tunes when I am cycling, and clearly only had a going a long way tune (Perfect Motion) and a struggling up hill tune (The Only Way is Up, or a last ditch Things Can Only Get Better). Now I have Out of Control as go-faster tune. I fully recommend getting some good tunes in at the right cadence that you can bear. It is a testament to Sunscreem that I can hear Perfect Motion on and off in my head for up to 7 hours without becoming detainable under the Mental Health Act (1983). At least I hope I am not. I am sure good Sport Psychologists will back me up there.

Ah well- Keep taking the medication and keep pedalling.

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