Saturday, 6 August 2011


I realise that if anyone reads this training for Cycletta is hoping to have inspiration/solidarity in training/schadenfreude, they may be confused.
I will be cycling (a lot) in the next few weeks, but all of road, in preparation for Trans Wales, 4 days of bruised knees and mud. Well, hopefully not mud. Judging by today mainly puddles.
After all this business, assuming I make it in one piece, I will get back out on the road and try some 40k style, relatively hard rides. I am apocalyptically bad at that quick stuff, so having been ok at going v slowly off road for hours at a time I will have to pick it up a bit.
Today I am in Machynlleth and have just had a pop and a half at Cli-Mach-X, the downhilly berm-fest. This is another one of those timed sections. Having had a quick look I have to say that I do not expect to be joining the VitoSport Redbull Downhill Massive any time now.

My internal coach (the continual swearing in my head I hear on rides) was especially scathing. ("Don't stop you pansy. What the arse did you do that for?). I think it was the lack of coffee camping.

Off in the SuperBus now, powered only by griping children and oatcakes, we speed to Glossop, en route to Scotland. They enjoy quality training all the year round there on their bone dry dusty trails. Or is that California.......
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