Monday, 22 August 2011

I am tired.

I just bored my poor local long-suffering bikeshop with excited Trans-Wales rambling, preventing them from serving proper customers. I suspect they are tolerating me rather than calling the police in the knowledge that I will need hundreds of new and expensive parts for my bike shortly, when I assess the damage. When I say "I", I of course mean poor Husband, who has an eye for coggy bits and worn things.
Nice James from the shop reminded me about the "Active Recovery" thing, prompting me to take the road bike out for a 40 minute spin. I am not sure of the evidence base for this as opposed to laying on the sofa feeling tired, but despite feeling a bit on the weak side the legs seem to be functioning and stiffness has gone. This is good. Stretching is also good. I will have to give my Pilates teacher some chocolates, as I hold him entirely responsible for my knee/hip not giving me gyp.

I do feel a bit tired now mind. Good to know that children cut you some slack when you are feeling a bit low on batteries. What? Balderdash you say? Oh yes, they will jump on me later and probably keep me up in the night again. I am not sure that exercise  physiologists factor in that kind of business you know.

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