Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lovely, lovely Minx Competition, lovely, lovely.

Woohoo! I won the competition to enter the Cycletta. This is good as Husband had been muttering at cost per kilometer of various rides. He did the Tour of Flanders this year though, so has no leg to stand on.

It is a bit hard to think about any training-style things for this as am packing to go on a Wales/North/Scotland road trip tomorrow, ending in the Fearful Trans-Wales( Fearful to me. I thought it was shorter when I entered.)
Did a bit on the old Turbo Suffer-fest. Horrid sweat ridden activity, but I expect Pendleton Lady does it, so it is bound to make me faster. Which is not hard. This woman wasn't built for speed. Leaning, reclining, sitting, all good. Speeding is kind of outside the zone de confort.

Anyhoo, back to pack.


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