Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The sun'll come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar there'll be sun.

I bet it'll rain at some point mind. I am at the Mini Trans-Wales start point and I am properly concerned now. Snappish, and concerned. I have been barking at Child1 and 2 as well as poor long-suffering Husband. If I had a dog it would get it too. The cat is safe with Mad Cat-Man back in Brizzle, otherwise he would have a brisk shooing as well.

My bike is as ready as it can be, I have a route map and various small bike parts I do not know how to use, for emergencies. I have had Extreme Catering (apparently), which happily had cake. I can't imagine there will be cake for breakfast too, but you can hope.

I hope that I, a) get round in a non-humiliating time, b) do not crash, or too badly anyway and c) have a photo taken looking happy and super-fit, even if this is not actually the case.

I will bore you later with the details.........
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