Sunday, 7 August 2011


Spent the night in the house of the lovely Julie Greengrass who is kindly looking after our lovely friend Jason presently. Not only did she provide chicken-based entertainment for the children she took me out into the Peaks for some fine Grit+Rain action. The Peaks manage to look great despite it all and it's a nice change from the Bristol Roots+Rain combo I know and love.

I got to test my waterproof shorts and all that. Shorts slip down my bum a bit but keep my arse dry, which is a blessing. "Waterproof socks" are not. They are merely stiff, itchy containers of rain and mud. This is unfortunate. Don't make me use the overshoes, they look so wrong. Please be dry Wales. Not Whales of course. They die.

Off now to The Lakes where I hope not to have to crack open the waterproofs again. Really, the weather in this country. Deciding what to wear pre-ride can take hours, not to mention Metcheck consulting the night before and discussion with family and friends. Don't get that in California now, do you? The last minute move from short sleeve + armwarmers + scruchy waterproof to full-on sweaty waterproof was a good one. But what else would we talk about? That singing TV thing that the Young People watch in their popular culture? Whose work is crappest? The price of petrol?

I rest my case.
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